Navigating complex commercial, corporate,
and regulatory disputes through specialist,
multi-jurisdictional representation.

Our practice areas cover both contentious and non-contentious work. We work diligently to align the dispute resolution process with the commercial interests of our clients. Our lawyers are cost-conscious and result-oriented. We represent a diverse range of businesses in commercial and corporate litigations, at various tribunals and courts.

In addition, we advise our clients in responding to statutory and regulatory inquiries, as well as criminal proceedings arising out of economic offenses. Our lawyers are specially trained to identify and deal with the sensitivities involved in managing statutory, regulatory inquiries, and legal proceedings. Our objective is to target efficient and effective resolution to the dispute. In each case, we discuss and explore with our clients, the potential risks and opportunities associated with various strategies for dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation, arbitration, and negotiated settlements.

Our team also has experience in representing clients in both institutional and ad-hoc arbitration matters in diverse areas of law.

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